Hey! ~ I'm Francesca, I'm Italian, I'm 19 years old. Need to say anything else? Just come and get free pizza!

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Ah forget it. I’ll never revamp this— I just don’t know how.

Anonimo: Voldemort isn't dead. 



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  • Ubisoft:  Women are too hard to animate.
  • Michelangelo:  Shit, son, the women I drew and sculpted looked like men with oranges glued to their chests, but at least I fucking *tried*.

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Okay, when I’m back remind me y’all that I have to make this blog decent. Yep.

Hands down, Lilo&Stitch is one of the best movies ever. I literally start to cry after 10 minutes from its start— it may be because I relate a lot to Nani (she’s about my age and my little nephew is a little younger than Lilo should be, and just as her is way smarter than kids his age) but I really cry from start to end of that movie. I wouldn’t be able to handle things as well as Nani does, she0s just the perfect older sister.

I just love that movie.

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my fashion sense is called i am cold and pissed off

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Michishige Sayumi - Sayuminglandoll

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